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Angellash Cup 2021

We are starting our 1st online championship and are looking for our Lashqueen 2021.

Take on the challenge now and show us what you are made of.

Registration is open from March 20th, 2021 and will be closed on June 30th, 2021.

Please send us your photos by July 31, 2021 to Lashcup@angellash.de, you can find out which information and photos we need in the respective category.

We will announce the winners on September 11th, 2021.

Each participant receives a certificate and a medal

Places 1, 2 and 3 will also be honored with a trophy and a goodie bag.

Our categories:

Classic Look (1: 1)

Soft volume up to 5D

Strong volume up to 10D

Mega volume from 12D

Color eyelashes


Anyone who has never won a championship can take part. If you already have a placement (1,2 or 3 place) then please do not take part in this category. We reserve the right to exclude participants from the competition who we can determine afterwards that they have already won a prize in the respective category.

Lashqueen 2021

Lashqueen will be the participant with the most total points! Each participant adds up all points in all categories.

Participation fees:

1 category 50.00 €

2 categories € 95.00

3 categories € 140.00

4 categories 185.00 €

5 categories € 225.00

6 categories € 250.00

Please wait for your invoice, as we cannot activate the discount for participation in the shop, but calculate it by hand afterwards. It is therefore only activated as a payment method in advance.